Unhappy with the current use of technology in your business? Let us show you how a better understanding of your technology needs and simple changes in its use can bring your business great outcomes.
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  Systems Appraisal
If you are contemplating using an off-the-shelf software product, the best advice is available to you from alkamonia's software experts. Our software specialists are highly qualified hands-on experts in analysing and assessing the suitability of any off-the-shelf product for your organisation.
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Services @ alkamonia.com

At alkamonia.com, you have the largest array of IT services available to you in one place. Following are just some highlights of the services we offer.

To get the most out of all these technology-centred services, you can outsource all your technology needs to alkamonia.com. We will be the IT Department of your business and will ensure the most effective solutions suitable for you.

Custom Software Development

Each business is unique and has its own business processes and requirements. The cost of automating these distinct processes has usually prohibited business owners, especially for SMEs, from developing their own custom software systems. We can offer customised software development for your business at the most competitve prices. More importantly, our experience in developing customised software for different industries gives us the edge over other providers.

Our Software Specialists are masters of the leading-edge technology that is shaping everyday. At the same time, our experienced professionals are familiar with legacy systems and the development mechanisms involved in such systems. This unusual combination of skills means we are able to understand your existing systems and design new software systems for you that will enhance your operations while keeping the time-proven processes that your business is used to. We put the most emphasis on your business requirements and ensure that all the specifications are based purely on your needs and understood clearly by everyone involved.

Call us today to discuss your business needs for a custom software and get a detailed quote. Email us at .

Integration & Customisation of Commercial Software

If you are running a business today, chances are you will be using more than one software system, each helping you automate one aspect of your business. For instance, you may have a database of clients or inventory, a word processing solution for creating letters to clients, an accounting software to look after the financial aspects of your business and in some cases you may even have a custom-built software system to take care of your unique business processes.

Having disparate software systems running within one business can increase the running costs. Our software specialists can help you integrate the many systems that your business may be using to create a streamlined mechanism. More often than not, vendors of software systems provide tools for customising their software and integrating with other systems. A simple example - if you are using MYOB for your accounting needs, we can help you integrate it with other systems in your business and automate any data transfer activity that will increase the efficiency as well as accuracy of your invoicing/payment procedures.

To get more details of how we can help your business by integrating many systems, email us today at .

Website & Portal Development

We provide website development and portal development services to businesses.

Web presence has become as essential for businesses as having a business card and a business address, only more effective and flexible. We fully understand the important role a company's website plays in creating the corporate image it wants to instil in its clients' minds. We can use the latest technologies and tricks to design and promote your website to attract a bigger audience.

Portals, in some ways, are more enhanced forms of websites with more dynamic content than simple informational material. Portals are more suitable for businesses that want to interact with their online visitors, e.g. by creating customised announcements, message boards, chat rooms, memberships etc.

We can help you determine your needs for a website or a portal and then help you design it. Contact us today to discuss your web needs at .

IT Audit

We provide IT Audit service to assist businesses assess and understand their technology assets. An IT Audit includes a comprehensive stock-take of all the

  •    Hardware & Equipment (e.g. computers, printers, Internet, telephone systems)
  •    Software (e.g. Operating Systems, Office packages, custom solutions)
  •    Licenses
  •    Skills

The aim of performing an IT Audit is to evaluate where a business stands, which is the first step towards growing the business. We help you understand the limitations and bottlenecks that may exist in your technology infrastructure, like networks, and provide recommendations based on sound experience and knowledge of the cutting-edge technology that can help you improve the outcome, most often by making simple changes.

Contact us today to book your FREE* IT Audit (valued at more than $850.00) at .

* Free audit for a limited time only (offer expires on 30th September 2008). Includes appraisal of upto 5 computers, covering hardware, operating systems, anti-virus, email and anti-spam.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Appraisal

Viruses and spam are the two most harmful technological elements for any business in the present day. Therefore, it is getting more critical by the day for all businesses to stay on top of their system's security against these vicious elements. We provide you with a complete appraisal of where your IT systems stand against viruses and spam and recommend solutions that will help you protect your business and save invaluable time by avoiding viruses and spam from affecting your business operations.

Computer Viruses are simple computer programs developed with malicious intent. Such programs exploit any weak points of your operating system, email or any other software running within your network. Once they enter one computer on a network the complete network can be at risk.

Spam is a more recent addition to the dark side of IT. While not as active as viruses, spam is increasingly costing more to businesses everyday. In its most simple form, your employees will waste their time deleting spam emails. Spam can also fill up mailboxes very quickly, which may result in you loosing important business emails. In one of its worst forms, spam can take control of your email server to send out emails to the rest of the world leaving your internal email operations almost disfunctional.

We can show you how to fight against these unwanted enemies of the IT age. Contact us today at for more details.

IT Support & Helpdesk

Our qualified, experienced and friendly engineers can help resolve your occasional IT problems quickly and effectively. Using remote control software tools, we are able to address your problems remotely, saving your valueable time and avoiding any hassles. We also provide you with a monthly report of your usage of our helpdesk service, which will put you in complete control of how to reshape your IT infrastructure and introduce IT training for end-users by identifying the areas of demand.

Helpdesk service is available to our registered clients. To get more information, please contact us today at .

IT Training

Training is perhaps the most effective form of investment you can make in your own business. Our qualified trainers and experts can provide training regimes for your business that will remarkably increase the productivity of your employees. Additionaly, properly trained users will mean less chances of IT related issues arising and reduced need for IT support and helpdesk services. Keep in mind that technology is changing very rapidly, which means users of technology need to be regularly trained (and re-trained) to keep them at the optimum level of proficiency.

To get more information about our IT training services, please contact us today at .

Graphics Designing

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - how true. From company logos to letter-heads, from simple graphics on your website to customised designs for your products, graphics play the key role in creating a brand-name.

Our graphics desingers can help you create your brand. Contact us today for more details of this service at .

Multimedia Presentations & Videos

We can create multimedia presentations for your special events, like expos, to promote your business. Such presenations and/or videos are effective tools for attracting more customers when presented at shopfronts, websites and seminars/workshops.

Contact us today to discuss your multimedia needs at .



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